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The Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care service was launched in April 2018 and what a busy and full year it has been transforming service delivery to ensure victims receive an enhanced service.  It is jointly commissioned by the Norfolk and Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioners and is delivered by Victim Support.  Covering the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk this support service is specifically designed to help victims and witnesses recover from the impact of crime.

During April – June 2019 we supported over 800 clients across Norfolk and Suffolk. In our next newsletter we will include more detailed statistics which will illustrate some of the work that we have been doing.

So what do we do and how do we do it?

For starters:

  • It’s free and confidential
  • It doesn’t matter if a crime has been reported to the Police
  • We work with victims of any crime
  • It doesn’t matter how long ago the crime happened or where it happened
  • We offer emotional and practical help, advice and support
  • We help people to navigate their way around the criminal justice system
  • Support goes on as long as needed providing it is in relation to the crime

Where are we?:

Our main hub is in Norwich however we also an office in Ipswich, Bury and Lowestoft. 

The team:

  • 1 x Team Leader
  • 8 x Case Managers dealing with crimes such as Hate Crime, Sexual Violence, Domestic Abuse (standard risk), Serious Assault etc
  • 4 x Case Workers dealing with other crimes such as Anti-Social Behaviour, Theft, Burglary, Scams/fraud etc
  • 1 x Scams Prevention Co-ordinator

A team of volunteers trained to offer emotional and practical support managed by a Volunteer Lead

An Engagement Lead who actively reaches out to the community and partner agencies to raise the profile and awareness of support on offer

What do we mean by emotional support?

This is not counselling but non-judgemental listening which gives people space and time to try and make sense of what has happened to them. Either at people’s homes or in the community

What do we mean by practical support?

  • We help people navigate their way around the criminal justice system.
  • We liaise with the Police and other agencies
  • We offer advocacy and signposting
  • We send out personal alarms.