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Here you can download both our standard referral form for all crime types and our Domestic Abuse referral form specifically for domestic abuse cases.

If referring on behalf of a client, consent from the client should be sort prior to submitting a form. Please ensure that you provide multiple contact methods for clients so that we can stay in touch.

Our referral process is confidential and separate from reporting a crime to the police. You do not need to report a crime in order to access our service.

For further information or for a case consultation, you can contact us on 0300 303 3706 (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm) or email us:

General Referral Form

Domestic Abuse Referral Form


You can self-refer to the service by telephone, Call us on 0300 303 3706 (Monday to Friday 8am-5pm) or you can complete an online referral form here:

You can also contact us through Live Chat at any time 24/7: Live chat | Victim Support

Outside of our office hours you can also call 24/7 Supportline:  08 08 16 89 111

Please note that making a referral or self-referral does not automatically mean Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care will be able to provide support. We will contact service users where it is safe and appropriate for us to do so and if our services will suitable for their needs.  Where it is deemed that NSVC is not able to provide support, we may signpost to other appropriate specialist agencies.