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Interviewed 02 July 2019

We celebrated Paula’s 15 years of service recently during a visit from Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner, Lorne Green. Paula initially joined as a volunteer and more recently moved in to a paid position supporting victims of Domestic Abuse.  She is now based within the MASH in a multi-agency environment as a Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care Domestic Abuse Case Manager

When did you start working at Victim Support?

I had my first volunteer role in February 2003 – at that time I had about 10 jobs! 4 were paid and 6 were volunteer roles. I worked in retail and was really keen to get work in a supportive role.

Tell us a bit about the different roles you’ve had at VS

So – I started as a volunteer and did all the training that was available to volunteers at that time.  After about 6 years I had to stop supporting victims as I was dealing with my own personal case of Childhood Sexual Abuse which went to crown court.  It was agreed that I would continue to attend team meetings until after the court case and I was ready to come back as a Service Delivery Volunteer.

A job as an Initial Response Officer became available and I was recruited as a paid member of staff in the Norwich Office about 10 years ago. 

When we were funded to provide a new domestic abuse project, I went for the job and have been doing this ever since. Domestic Abuse is a very varied role and being based in the MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) every day is different.

What is it about the role that you appreciate the most?

I didn’t have this level of support when I went through my own process so it’s really important to me that support is available to those who need it most.

I’ve always wanted to help and support others, I have a strong belief in human rights and have the opportunity to fulfil the Victims Code which is about ensuring that Victims of Crime get access to the support they need and deserve.

I appreciate being part of people’s lives when they are in crisis and being able to help them. I also appreciate my team and the support I get from them.

Tell us something that ‘not many people know’ about Paula:

I am an adrenaline junkie!  I have done a sky dive, hot air ballooning and zorbing… only a few short weeks ago I completed the Zip wire in Wales which is the fastest in the world, I was advised I had gone over the 100 mph!!

One last word…

“I’m proud of the work Norfolk and Suffolk Victim Care does and am always inspired by how passionate the team are”

Thanks Paula and congrats on your 15 year anniversary!