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If an incident or crime is committed against someone based on a part of their identity, it is usually referred to as hate crime.

People are sometimes targeted because of their:

  • beliefs;
  • ethnicity;
  • gender;
  • disability; or
  • sexual orientation.

What do to if you experience hate crime

Older person holding hands with a younger person

Report the incident to the police on 999 (if an emergency), or 101 (if a non-emergency).

Remember to keep a note of all incidents. The times, dates and details of what happened will assist the police in gathering evidence.

Consider improving your home security by adding additional locks, CCTV or panic buttons.

How can Victim Care help?

If you want to talk about what happened, or simply need some practical advice on how to deal with the aftermath of hate crime, our team is here to help.

We’ll listen in confidence and offer free, practical help and emotional support. We’ll even help you navigate the criminal justice system.