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Robbery is when someone takes something from you in the street or another public place (although it’s not always confined to those locations). They’ll do so with threats or violence.

Everyone’s experience of robbery is personal to them and their situation. Your life experiences and the type of robbery will also impact the way you feel, but some common reactions include:

  • feeling upset, sad and unsafe;
  • being frightened to go out in public;
  • feeling constantly on the edge;
  • feeling guilty; and
  • having difficulty sleeping.
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Who can I talk to?

How you react to being robbed will depend on a huge number of factors, including previous events in your life. Everyone responds differently, but it can help to speak to an independent, knowledgeable person to help process your feelings.

Our team is trained in offering support to people like you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve reported the crime to the police or not, or where and when it happened – we’re here to offer you the support you need at this difficult time.