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Violent crime is when someone physically injures or hurts another person, and includes crimes where weapons are used.

The police will class a crime as violent if the offender has clearly intended to physically harm someone, regardless of whether or not an injury is sustained.

Common types of violent crime include:

  • assault;
  • sexual violence;
  • domestic violence;
  • robbery;
  • hate crimes;
  • murder or manslaughter; and
  • alcohol and drug-related violence.

How will I feel after being the victim of violent crime?

Family with young child in the park

There’s no right or wrong way to feel, because your reaction to violent crime will depend on what has happened and your previous life experiences.

Regardless, violent crime is always frightening and can seriously affect victims emotionally.

Common reactions include:

  • difficulty socialising;
  • feeling frightened to go out;
  • feeling nervous, anxious or unsafe; and
  • difficulty sleeping.

How can Victim Care help?

All violent crimes should be reported to the police, but our specially trained team can offer the support you need at this difficult time, whether it’s to help understand your feelings or to simply give you the opportunity to get your feelings off your chest.